5 things to boost your body wrap business

5 things to boost your body wrap business

OK, Boss Babe – I see you! You found your calling to help others feel confident in their own body and you’re ready to get what’s yours. Congratulations, you’re a Wrap Star in the making. 

But before you earn your stars, you need to get the clients, fill up your calendar with back to back appointments, and start generating 5-star reviews on your social media pages. 

You have the skills. You have the determination. Now take a few words of advice from someone who has been doing just that for over 15 years. 

1. Start with the BEST.  That includes the best attitude from the moment your client walks in to the moment they leave and there after; keep that energy and space clean. You want your clients to  feel comfortable and welcomed.

You will need the BEST PRODUCTS. Yes, I’m talking about Wrap Star by Dae. You want a product line that is recognized, well rated, and offers you the support you need to be successful. I wish i had that when I first started out. If I had, I would have never set out to make this product line. 

Harnessing the powers of body wrapping required the right quality ingredients and proper technique … and I wouldn’t settle for anything less, even if that meant I had to do it all myself. I’m beyond excited to share it with you.

2. Introduce your business to friends and family. Your inner network is filled with your #1 fans and supporters. If they don’t want you to succeed, well, you need to find some new friends. Don’t feel nervous about pitching your business to those who love you the most, it gives you the needed experience to sell your services to potential clients? 

Those closest to you will be the first to provide you with honest feedback that a customer might only air out on Yelp… long after they told you over and over how great everything was. 

Not to mention that when they show up to brunch looking like all that and a bag of chips, skin glowing, curves popping in all the right places, they will be a walking billboard for your services (more on that later). 

3. Social media. No, it’s not only for attempting dance challenges and stalking your good-for-nothing ex. In fact, don’t use it for either of those things. Just. Don’t.

Think of social media as your resume. Your calling card. Your website, testimonial, and business networking hub all in one. 

It’s really not so complicated so don’t overthink it. Instead, consider this: if you were on the other side of the screen looking for body goals/inspiration/ motivation to become the best self you can be, what kind of content would make you stop scrolling and take notice. Think about what would motivate you to explore new treatments or try the latest beauty trends.

Next, identify what it is that makes you better than your competition. Is it the products (it will be if you’re following Step 1!), the vibe in your salon, or the fancy new equipment that you use? Show it off! Shout it from the rooftop. Tag your partners. Tag your clients. Tag your neighbors. Make sure they are seeing what you are up to. 

Take a look at your peers. What seems to be working for them? There’s no need to reinvent the wheel; as the old saying goes “there are no new ideas” and this is especially true on social media. 

Last and most important rule of Social Media – be authentic. We’ve all seen them, those over-filtered“influencers” in a pose you damn well know cannot be comfortable while surrounded by a lifestyle they definitely cannot afford? Don’t be that person

Be real. Be yourself. Be honest with your audience. People are seeing through the smoke and mirrors of over-styled accounts. Trending for 2021? #authenticity. 

4. Before & After Photos. Ok, so this one can be applied to your social media tips and tricks but also to your website or online portfolio. Even if you don’t have any of the above mentioned, one day you probably will, and trust me you’ll be really wishing you listened to my advice. 

Your clients will appreciate seeing proof of their transformation. Sure, they’ll snap a few selfies in their bathroom mirror, but well styled before and after photos should be made in your studio and not with a rear-facing camera. 

So what makes a good Before & After photo? Glad you asked. Check out my detailed How To Guide to B&A Excellence to get the skinny.

5. Word of Mouth. Each and every client is your best advocate for generating new business. This is why I refuse to wrap my clients in anything but the best. Why would I want someone to say “Oh, Dae did this” unless “this” was something absolutely amazing. Jaw dropping. Neck breaking. OMG look at this butt, Becky. I want every client of mine to go out there and spread the gospel of Dae. 

And you should too. 

Make it easy for them to do so. Do you have a Yelp page? Have you asked every client to leave a few nice words while they’re glowing in the beauty of their post-treatment self? Do you offer incentives for new client referrals? Have you made sure that every person that you treat is beyond satisfied with the results and their entire experience? Read that part again. Their entire experience. This includes:

5 things to boost your body wrap business 1

Was their appointment easy for them to book or did you have to play phone tag for days?

5 things to boost your body wrap business 1

Was it easy for them to find you or did they drive around in circles screaming your address at Siri?

5 things to boost your body wrap business 1

Did their appointment start at the scheduled time or did you assume that “no one is ever on time”

5 things to boost your body wrap business 1

Did you create a personal connection or did you ignore every opportunity for social interaction?

5 things to boost your body wrap business 1

Did you make them feel like a human being and not just another naked body?

5 things to boost your body wrap business 1

Did they walk out feeling better than when they walked in? Like a bona-fide Wrap Star?

5 things to boost your body wrap business 1

Did you check on your client a couple hours after their appointment to see how they were feeling? Did they try on that outfit they were dreaming about.

Answered yes to all of the above? Great! Now you can make it even better the next time they come in.

Don’t forget to spoil your returning clients just as much as the first time. Like a happy marriage, you can make one feel special and validated anytime. Comfortability is not an excuse to take one for granted. 

Until next time … stay hydrated & stay fabulous.

Xo, Dae.