Frequently Asked Questions

Our formula and process are one of a kind! Wrap Star products are all-natural and designed by Wrap Expert Dae Flesher. All products are manufactured right here in the United States to ensure premium quality. Most body wrap courses currently available to students are online, provide almost no hands-on training and limited access to student support. In addition, most focus only on body wrap techniques with no education on the scientific process of the human body. However, the Wrap Star course provides in-depth education on the body and how it relates to our products and technique to yield optimal client results.To ensure the highest level of training we’ve implemented a small class size that utilizes live models. Our course also includes education on aftercare as well as training on identifying your clients’ problem areas and creating a customized treatment.

The Wrap Star Course is an intense 16 hour, 2 day session, divided into 2 eight hour days.
(Check out our calendar for course location and dates)
The Wrap star two-day course is designed to give professionals the highest level of body wrap education and certification. In the ever-evolving beauty industry, elevating your knowledge of non-invasive services not only makes you a better business person but a richer one too! The Wrap Star system is perfect as an add on to an existing business model or as a stand-alone service base.


Our products, process, and technique paired with a healthy lifestyle and diet can yield incredible results.  Anyone between the age of 18-70 looking to reduce cellulite, tighten skin, reduce inches and kick start a weight loss program can benefit from our services.
The Wrap Star Course is an intense 16 hour, 2 day session, divided into 2 eight hour days.
(Check out our calendar for course location and dates)

Dae Flesher has over 15 years of industry experience with an extensive list of clientele. The First Wrap Star product was produced in 2003, before the boom of invasive cosmetic surgery. As of 2020, Wrap Star has five complete non-invasive body contouring programs that treat cellulite, lift and firm the face, lift the booty, slim, contour & detoxify the body.

Moderate experience and a passion for the beauty industry is essential! If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, this is not for you. If you are looking to establish yourself within the beauty industry, equip yourself with the proper tools, education, and materials to start and maintain a successful business and clientele, then this program is definitely for you!

Education doesn’t stop after the completion of the course. After successfully completing the course, students will receive Certification from Wrap Star and private login access to our professional web portal for exclusive educational content, training materials, marketing materials,  discounts, support plus media and press announcements.

Our goal at Wrap Star is to make sure everyone leaves with a comprehensive understanding of our products and process and the knowledge of the science behind it. After completion of the course, you will be able to provide a full treatment from consultation to completion. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to develop a keen eye for identifying your client’s problem areas and designing a custom treatment plan for optimal results.


Upon completion, you will have a better understanding of the human body, including skin, anatomy, and detoxification. Our course also provides education on servicing your client from start to finish, business Do’s and Don’ts and how to kick-start your business.

During her career as a model, Dae developed an extensive understanding of the ever-changing standards of beauty within the industry. To stay ahead of the curve, she learned natural, non-invasive methods to maintain an hourglass figure and reduce marks and imperfections.  With a focus on body contouring and cellulite treatment, Dae has serviced over 1000 clients with a wide range of body types and overall goals through her Los Angeles based cellulite clinics. She possesses a unique talent for quickly identifying her client’s problem areas and combining multiple non-invasive treatments for shocking results!

Dae has serviced over 1,000 clients through her popular LA based cellulite clinics. Her work has been featured in numerous beauty media outlets and remains the best kept red carpet secret to many celebrities and influencers. Check out our press highlights and before & afters! (see more link to media page)

  • All-natural
  • 100% herbal formula
  • Manufactured in the USA