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Get the Skinni on Skinni Wraps

At Wrap Star we put the Skinni in Skinni Wraps. Forget cheap gimmicky “so called” body wraps that are on the market these days. The Super Skinni Body Wrap will snatch you up and keep you tight. Our all natural herbal formula was hand picked by Dae who studied herbology, detoxification, and naturalpath studies for many years. You are not going to find a higher quality inch loss body wrap than the one here at

So pill the tea, How does it actually work? Well, it works with your own lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system is your body’s dumping ground for toxins and garbage. Unlike your heart, your lymphatic system does not have a pump. Using the herbs in our Skinni solution and a special technique of bandage wrapping stimulates waste, toxins, and damaged cells in the lymph and provides a so called moving force to eliminate the waste from the pores. Sound to scientific? Call it a natural laxative for your lymphatic system and you‘ll know what I mean. It’s a total purge of unwanted garbage and fluid from your body.

So why does this make a perfect treatment in any salon or spa? Well who doesn’t want to improve their inner or outer body?

We all want to live long, healthy, clean lives and unfortunately due to our foods, environment, and stressors,  it’s almost impossible to do that without some sort of help of detoxification. Clients are searching for healthy ways to achieve these goals. Lose inches, hydrate the body, and improve skin tone? Check, check, and check!! Your clients will love you and keep coming back for more. They not only will see the difference instantly, they will actually feel better… Guaranteed!

What’s amazing about this particular treatment is that you can provide the service without being committed to your client the whole time. They will lay comfortably for 55 minutes which allows you to attend to another client, work on your social media, balance your spreadsheet, or anything else that you need to do to improve your business for success! The Super Skinni wrap is also a great service to offer if you provide lymphatic massage, wood therapy, endermologie, colon hydrotherapy, laser lipo and other treatments that calls for elimination through the body. Even better, the inches stay off unless your client gains weight. THIS IS NOT a water loss!!

You can get your clients snatched in time for summer and you can get your pockets stacked in time for that much needed time vaycay.

Join an in person training or DIY with our convenient online course that provides videos manuals and a 1 on 1 video coaching session. It’s never been easier! xo Dae

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